Time for a Re-Think


Governors Island, New York, September 2009

Somewhat predictably, I'm not posting stuff here as often as I'd like (or had intended). This makes me officially Bad at Web2.0 and cyberspace has noticed: visitor numbers are slipping faster than Las Vegas's and the date of arrival of my first AdSense cheque has gone back to July 2043 (on a Thursday, I think). Something has to change. So here are the new rules I shall try to live by here.

1. I'm going to try to write less, but much more often. There'll still be scope for longer bits and pieces when I feel I've got something to get off my chest, but I want to see if I can get out of the mindset where I think I've got to say the whole of what I think about something when everyone else just points at summat and muses quickly. I can do that - so I should. 

2. Headlines will no longer be laborious (or for that matter laboured) puns but will go to the heart of the post's subject. This is what's known as my Search Engine Optimisation Program. If a piece of wordplay proves too irresistible to ignore, I shall use it as a photo caption (though I'm not going to force myself to do that - sometimes something more prosaic will do fine, as above). Which brings me to:

3. I like that there's a picture with every post here, but I end up allowing image selection to justify further procrastination. From now on, pictures will not necessarily bear any relationship to the words that follow and any insinuation of hidden meanings in juxtaposition will be in the mind of the site visitor only. Then again, I might happen to have relevant and useable images to hand at the right moment, and I won't let the "doesn't have to have a reason" rule become a "never will have a reason" rule, because then I'll just end up spending time finding an irrelevant photo. Which would be madness. 

4. Each post will contain at least one link: I can do more than that if I want, but I'm going to try to remember that density of information doesn't necessarily mean better or more interesting material or presentation. And it certainly won't help me make posts in a more timely manner.

5. I need to try to avoid using words I can never remember how to spell, such as "irresistible". Because even if I'm right, I have to waste time checking. I could have gone for "tempting" instead - that would have done just as well. Slow learner, that's my problem.



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